Offering up to 25% return from their online spendings
Providing cashback from 300+ online stores and markets
Reducing their bills without extra obligations
End-to-end cashback loyalty ecosystem based on advanced recommendation technologies (big data and artificial intelligence)
We provide consulting, software, infrastructure and partnership as ready to use loyalty service for companies to reach new clients, gain insights into buying behavior, and improve customer retention by offering increasing value for the end-user
End-user (ordinary consumer)
Leverages cashflow to improve their quality of life by gaining access to better deals and increased value from shopping
Local SMEs and manufacturers (providers of food, goods, services)
Get an opportunity to raise sales volumes due to smart recommendation systems and cashback based loyalty programs
Financial institutions (banks, finance organizations)
Get access to more quality clients with detailed insights into their buying behavior
Utility service providers
Receive instruments to decrease attraction and retention costs of clients and improve LTV and ARPU
Problems we solve
Limited customer engagement
According to COLLOQUY Loyalty Census report, 54% of loyalty program members are inactive and don't use the programs at all. Although these customers do make the choice to sign up, many never engage or opt out after only a few months.
Absence of integration, useless programs
As it was stated in eMarketer study only 3% of marketers claim to have all channels integrated to provide a cohesive, personalized experience from one channel to the next. The result is that often a loyalty program is a separate initiative, managed independently and within its own channel.
Low usability options of cashback and points
Points-based loyalty programs usually create a new form of currency. The problem is that almost every time these points have very limited usage (usually tied to buy new products of the producer). It leads to the overall loss of value of such points or cashbacks for the end-user and lower the efficiency of the program itself.
UNIKAPAY – is a complex solution based on advanced technologies and thoughtful architecture. We rely on cutting-edge innovation instruments such as Big Data analysis and ML algorithms to provide smart and effective functionality (automated and personalized recommendation systems, etc.)
The client company integrates with the UNIKAPAY's infrastructure via API or has its clients register directly through a dedicated app build
Consumer (end-user of the clients company) shops online in major online stores and markets via App or Web and gets cashback
UNIKAPAY identifies and collects cashback rewards from cashback providers
Processing commission is retained by UNIKAPAY, the remaining cashback amount is deposited to an end-client's individual or group account
The accumulated cachback amounts are to be transferred to the client company on a set schedule
Our team consists of true experts and professionals with more than 15 years of experience In FinTech, sales strategy (including development of complex large scale loyalty programs) and IT development of advanced software systems and applications.
E-mail: support@unica.credit
Tel: +972 53-791-5056
Surprise your clients with:
As a result the consumer constantly reduces their costs – the company gets a loyal customer and extra prepayments
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